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Feedback Post

This is my Official LiveJournal Feedback Post.

Please leave feedback here if we have made a transaction with me as a Buyer or Seller.
Thank You!

For more feedback please check out these sites:
- my feedback as a seller on ebay: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl
- my feedback as a seller on GingaSite: http://www.gingasite.net/ginga_board/index.php?showtopic=4565

Steeli's Site Update! 8D

i haven't been very active on almost any sites for the past 2 weeks because i've either been busy with:
school [ughhh]
or my site

I've been working really hard on my site. Taking and uploading pictures is what's mainly taking so darn long but i've also been managing where everything goes too. It's a little more than half done but i'm still not quite ready to give the link out yet. I want to make a good impression and make people come back to see what's new. So I'll be sure to let anyone who's interested in knowing when i'm happy enough with it to make it public.

EDIT: MY SITE IS UP! found here: http://steelfangs.weebly.com/

About my site: It's a personal site with everything there is that anyone online would care about me . I'm mainly putting it up to show my collections from my favorite series because they're my pride and joy. [i swear i'm not that materialistic, i'm more proud about the effort and time i put into getting all of these things that makes me happy] ^^
Anyway, It'll show my collections, a bio about me, all the sites i'm on, any and all info about my art, a list of every series i like or own, and the one thing i think will interest people most of all, links & future tutorials on how/where to buy from the sites i get my collections from.

Besides my site, I've also been working on and off, little by little on the small tutorial step-by-step process on using a middleman for the Ginga Collectors Livejournal site. I wish i had more time than what I have at moment to finish this and put it up already. :/

I guess that's really it for now,
thanks for reading and Have A Good Day! :]

~ Kay a.k.a SteelFangs

Welcome to mah page! :D

So, I finally signed up for a livejournal account after being asked to help moderate a LiveJournal Ginga Collectors page.
I will be helping out SilverToraGe on her Ginga Collectors journal.

I'm going to use this journal to announce news on the Ginga Collector Journal and my own private news.
As soon as I get my personal site up I am going to use this to put up new additions to my collections, the latest news on ginga, and many other other things. My personal site will contain more info on my interests, art, and collections.

This is my first entry and there will be many more to come. :]

So Happy Halloween and don't get eaten by a werewolf. :D

~Kay a.k.a Steeli